You wrote a book and are ready to publish. But you don’t know how to do it on your own.

So you hop online and hire the first company you find to do it. It costs more than you wanted to spend, but these are professionals, right? You’ll make your money back a million times over because your book is that good, right?

If this sounds like you, PLEASE keep reading.

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I’m Daniel Brantley, author and founder of

After publishing a few of my own books, friends started coming to me for help with theirs. So I walked them through the process, from editing to design to printed book. The process was invigorating, and the friends I helped were immensely thankful.

So thankful that while I didn’t ask any of them for a penny, each came to me with checks. 

Why? Because they were thrilled to finally publish their books, and I saved them thousands of dollars in the process.

Then something happened, and I realized I needed to do this as a business.


I was at my local library in Cleveland, Tennessee, doing an author talk with a fellow author.

After our planned talks, we opened the floor to questions.

“How much did it cost to publish your books?” asked an audience member.

I deferred to the other author.

“Well,” she started, “it was actually pretty expensive.”

I asked what “pretty expensive” meant.

She answered quietly: “It cost me $3,000.”

On top of the cost, she had hardly sold any books, despite the fact that her publishing package included marketing.

I felt sick to my stomach. My heart hurt. This sweet lady had produced a great children’s book and had nothing to show for it but a box of books and $3,000 of debt.

After the event, I asked her to bring her next book to me. I told her I’d give her some great marketing tips that would empower her to make her book a success. I would also help her publish at a fraction of what her first book cost. I would do it faster, too.


After that author talk, I realized there were a lot of other authors in similar situations. And while I can’t help all of them, I can help some.

So I created to do just that. 

I’m not a publishing company. I’m not a marketing guru. And I don’t promise your book will sell a million copies.

But I do promise that if you’ve got a book that’s ready for print, I’ll have it ready for sale within forty-five days. And it will look how you want it, from front to back cover.

All for as little as $500.

I understand if you’re skeptical. I understand if you go with a company that costs $3,000 or more and promises to market your books. Publishing for as little as $500 seems too good to be true.

But do yourself a favor. Check out the 45-Day Publishing Guide. Learn how you can self-publish 100% on your own, without paying anyone anything.

After reading through the Guide, if you decide it’s too much to take on and that you’d like a publishing partner who will get you to the finish line with minimal investment, drop me a line. I’m a real person, and I’d love to help get your book off your computer and onto bookshelves, without breaking the bank.