What’s involved in transforming your manuscript into something that looks like a book? You’re about to find out.


This includes the front and back covers. If your book has enough pages, you’ll need to design the spine as well. But don’t start making it just yet! You’ll first need to design the interior.


Because you have to know how many pages your book has so you can get the correct template for your cover. 

Once you design the inside pages of your book, visit your print-on-demand (POD) printer of choice (I recommend IngramSpark or KDP Amazon), tell them the size of your book (width, height, and page count), and they’ll give you a template for your cover.

With that template, you can craft an engaging, clear, amazing cover!


Every page of your book must be designed and print-ready prior to submitting it for print. Items to consider include:

Book Size—Know the page size you will be using, along with appropriate margins, bleed, and gutter sizes.

The Front Matter—This makes up the title page, a page for copyright information, and other pages included before your book begins.

Headers and Footers—Where do you want page numbers to be located? And do you want the title of your book listed on every page? What about your name?

Chapter Titles—Will your titles or chapter numbers use the same font as the rest of the book or a different font? Will chapter titles be at the top of the page or in the middle of the page?

Text—What size font will you use? Will you justify your text or let the lines end unevenly?

Other Design Elements—Will you insert a special character or design element to indicate a break in the middle of a chapter? If you’re making a non-fiction book with questions at the end of each chapter, how will you break that section off from the rest of the chapter?

Though it may seem intimidating, you can handle each and every one of these design elements. It just takes time.

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