diy price breakdown

Writing: $0

Editing: $50–$10,000. Cost depends on what type of editing/proofreading you want, how much editing your book needs, and the quality of editor you hire. Of course, if you have connections, this may be free for you.

Cover Design: $50–$1,000. You can spend even more, and if you have friends, you may get it for free. Just be careful. Free covers often look free, and you may never recoup the money you spend on a super expensive cover.

Interior Design: $100–$5,000. This is one of the primary services provided by many pay-to-play book publishers. However, they typically only have a handful of options available.

Printing: The sky’s the limit. With Print On Demand (POD), however, you only have to buy one copy to make sure it prints properly. Typically, that costs no more than $20, shipping and handling included. 

Publish via Amazon KDP: $0

Publish via Ingram Spark: $50 + $125 for ISBN

Total: $20–$16,000+

Possible for DIY Authors with Connections: $300–$800

Average Cost for Self-Published Authors: $2,000–$3,000