My process

Want to make your dream of publishing your book a reality in just 45 days? Partner with me, and we’ll go through these steps.

1. When you contact me, I send you a short questionnaire to complete. This questionnaire helps me understand your book and what you’re looking for from me as a publishing partner. (See next page for questionnaire.)

2. I review your questionnaire and contact you to discuss further.

3. For editing services, you submit the first 3,000 words of your manuscript. I review these pages, give a cost to edit your entire book, and give pointers on how you can edit your book on your own, based on issues in your sample pages.

4. For help designing the interior of your book, I create sample pages using the text of your book. You tell me if you like the page design or if it needs editing, and we move forward until we have page designs you like. I then put your entire book in this format. Once we begin this phase, no more text editing takes place—only formatting changes. If you need editing at this phase, there may be extra costs and it may become impossible to publish within 45 days.

5. For help designing your book cover, I find one to three cover artists whose skill sets match your needs. You pick one to design your cover and I work with the artist to build your cover and make appropriate designs. Do note that if your cover artist is particularly expensive, an added fee will be charged. However, there are many excellent cover artists that keep your costs at a minimum.

And note that before this step, you need to write the book description. This is often the same copy as is found on the back cover of a book, but it can be unique if desired.

6. Once the interior and exterior of the book is complete, we publish your book via your Print-On-Demand publisher of choice. 7. You receive a proof copy of your book. If all looks well, you push the book live and celebrate—you’re a published author!

7. All book royalties go directly to your bank account.

You’ve written the book. Stop dreaming of publishing. Work with me, and we’ll publish it in 45 days.