Step 4: printing

When you’re researching printing options, you’re getting very close to the end of your publishing journey. Congratulations once again!

As stated before, I recommend using KDP (Amazon’s printing services) and IngramSpark. Here are the differences between the two printers.

KDP (Amazon)

With KDP, there is no setup fee, and you don’t need an ISBN to publish your physical book or ebook. On the downside, when using KDP, your book is only available through Amazon. Since Amazon sells 70% of all books, however, that’s not a real big deal. Also, when publishing ebooks exclusively through KDP, you can run discounts that you can’t otherwise. This can provide a sales bump when you need it most. But if you want to publish a hardback or children’s book with two-page spreads, you won’t want KDP. 


Printing a book with IngramSpark costs about $50 for setup, and you are required to buy an ISBN, which costs another $125. (ISBNs are sold at discount when bought in bulk.) That said, if you order at least 50 copies of your book within the first 30 days after your book is published, you get your $50 back. Also, IngramSpark makes your book available in tons of retail channels, as well as to librarians—but for many self-published authors, these additional channels aren’t utilized well and therefore aren’t worth paying extra to access. 

Not sure which is your best bet? I can help you decide and can help get your book published on either in just 45 days. Click below to get started.